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A family on holiday - a day out! by Samantha Tayside age 10 years.
Blair Drummond Safari Park - a day out not to be forgotten.

Blair Drummond Safari Park is located just outside of Stirling. It takes about 40 - 45 minutes to get there from the holiday cottage in Crieff. On the way you can see Stirling Castle and The Wallace Monument in the distance.

When you get there you will see a sign saying pay here (or something along those lines), so you go there. Once you have paid you drive straight on following the road. Soon you will see a few animals such as turkeys, baby kangaroos, goats and many more. You can walk through these animals as well. You may think that is all the animals but no that's not even a quarter of them. Once you have been through there you will come to a car park. You don't have to stop here but it has sea lions shows, at certain times, a fairground, most of the year, bear viewing, and you can walk through the animals you have passed again, and there is two hand built castles, a big one for older people/children, and a smaller one for younger people/children to play on. The bigger one has three floors, the first with a high up normal slide, the second with a medium sized flume (without water) and the third with a really long curly flume, recommend you don't wear jeans because you don't slide!) The littler one is a smaller version of the big one but with a smaller slide and one floor. Across from the play area, there is swings and a place where you can have a barbecue, if you bring charcoal and a picnic.

Once you have finished there you keep on driving. You will go past a castle called The Highland Castle. Once you are passed there you will see a car park. This is a recommended place to stop because it has a zip wire across the river, it is sometimes closed for repair, an ice-cream shop pedal boats around a coned area on the river, lemur land and monkey island. When/if you go to monkey island, you will be taken in a boat down the river and around the island. The island has monkeys on it and sometimes they throw things at you!

Wait! You might be thinking by this time where's the animals? Well this isn't actually the end. Once you have finished there you get into your car and drive down the road a couple of yards and turn right. You go through some gates and drive round. This time you will see Highland Cattle, camels, rhinos and many more. After that you will go through another gate which will take you through the lions and then ostrich, and then through the same animals as before and a few more. After that, that is sadly the end. WARNING: do not take dogs through the lions or they may come and attack your car then the dog then maybe you!

This was the best day of our holiday in Scotland. We loved it.

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